“My holiday Adventure”


I was on a holiday in Australia🇦🇺. It was an interesting  day and we went on a mountain to see a cave🤓… I put my rucksack on and I was ready to go🤗. My mum drove me to the mountain with my friends! I was the only one with a torch .We said goodbye to my mum and we left. After five minutes we entered the cave. We were so excited about that adventure.

We had been in the cave for 40 minutes🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️… Suddenly,  I found out that my torch was flashing 😰.  After  two minutes my torch turned off 🕜. Me and my friends couldn’t see anything😓. There wasn’t any internet and we couldn’t call my mum to come and save us⚠️! After two hours  had passed  my mum came and found us🙃..

So after that I will always remember to put batteries in my torch :D! That was the end of “MY HOLIDAY ADVENTURE”.
I hope you like it ☺️!💜


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