Me And My Best Friend

Hi!My name is Gregory.I’m short ,thin with straight blonde hair.My best friend is George.He is like me ,short ,thin but with straight dark hair.He is kind and a bit naughty.We are good friends!

Myself and my family

My name is George, I am ten years old.

I have one sister. She is seven years old. Her name is Andreana. She is tall and thin.

My mother’s name is Myria and she is thirty nine years old. She is short and beautiful.

My dad’s name is Christos and he is forty years old. He is tall and clever.

This is my amazing family

My favorite place for holiday

My favorite place for holiday is to go on a hotel or another country.I like those two thinks because I can learn something new like different foods fro different countries.At the hotels I can try new food too.But what I like better is to go to another country!!!

After school activities⚽️🏀

Every Monday and Thursday I have English lessons after school, because I want to speak and write well! On Tuesday, I have football training. I love football because my team always wins! I want to be a footballer. On Friday I like going to the cinema because I love watching movies. On Wednesday afternoon I meet my friends at the park opposite my school and we play basketball. We must practise because sometimes we play matches against other schools teams. I also have karate lessons after english lessons, on Monday and Thursday. On Tuesday after football training I go walking with my family.I like walking at the park near my house. On Friday I also have guitar lesson. I like playing music because I can play my favourite songs and do karaoke! I have a lot of after school activities!

An email for Andy

    Dear Andy,

Everybody likes eating candies, sweets and chocolates. You better eat less than 3 sweets every day. Other people are eating lots of them and that’s really bad for your health! I know that you like them, but not to eat that much! You have to stop, because that’s the reason that it makes you sick.

My other opinion is that, if you have toothaches, is because you eat lots of sweets and they have a lot of sugar! If you eat lots of sugar, you teeth will become weak and they will break too! If you want help, go and find a dentist to fix your teeth.

Don’t eat lots of sweets because is really bad for your health!

From: Maria Elena K.

An e-mail for Jane

Dear Jane,

Everyone uses a smartphone and other devices to spend time on them. But sometimes you have to use it with a limit because  you’ll become sick and weak. Some people are using it more than 1 hour and that’s bad for your health! Actually many people are using it before bed but, using it before bed it will wake up your brain, your eyes can hurt too, and then you can’t sleep! So I prefer, you to turn off your device an hour before you go to sleep or stop using it more than limit.

Lots of people get some spots on their faces for many reasons. To fix that problem ask your doctor to give you a cream to put on your face or just stop using a gadget all the time.

You better be careful next time because you have to stay healthy and strong!

Best wishes, Maria Elena K.

Did you like it? Thank you if you do!!! Remember to stay safe and healthy!😊😊😊

Note to Ellie!

Hello Ellie,

Here are some ideaa to make your bedroom exciting! First of all paint the walls with your favourite colours. Then add some colourful cushions. Add a mat on the floor. Decorate tge walls with stickers and posters. Replace tge white curtains with coloured ones. Hang a lamb from the ceiling. Finally put a big mirror. Hope you try my ideas and love your new bedroom!



Nicosia my amazing town!!!

Hello my dear John,

How are you?

This is photo of my town Nicosia. The old town is surrounded by Venetian Walls. We have many museums and old churches.

We have the Byzantine Museum, the Leventis Municipal Museum. The Leventis Gallery. The house of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios and many others.

Eleftheria Square is the main square in center of Nicosia. We have many shops and restaurants.

We have many parks. We have the Grammik Park. We go for walking and for cycling. We have also the Athalassa National Forest Park.

Please come to visit me. Nicosia is an amazing town and we can do a lot of things!!!

Best wishes,




My amazing city!🌃🏙🌆🌇

Hello Panayiotis,

My town is called Nicosia. Its the capital and the largest city in my country, Cyprus. Ledras street is the most popular street with shops and restaurants. Its the only divided city in the world after the invasion of Turkey in 1974. The city is surounded by Venetian Walls and has a big square,called Eleftherias square. My town is also known for its history and archeological museums.Nicosia also has an abandoned airport. You should come for a visit. My city is amazing!



Note to Dan!

Hi Dan,

Don’t worry. I will give you some tips on keeping your bedroom always tidy! First of all you need some plastic boxes to keep all your toys in it. You should tell your dad to put some shelves on the wall for your books. Try to make your bed every morning before leaving for school. At night after your shower put your dirty clothes in the washing machine. Finally just try not to make a mess!

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