Young Learners

Alexander The Great

Date of birth/death

He was born in 20 or 21 of July, 356BC in Pella, Macedonia and died in 10 or 11 of June 323BC (32 years old) with nobody sure with the cause of his death. Some say poisoning, some say mureder and many other reasons.

The power he held

  • Had the whole known then world part of his giant empire
  • Fought by the side of his army in 4 wars
  • Did not lose a war for 15 whole years
  • Tamed a horse that anyone else who tried to tame it failed (Bucephalus)

He did all this in his early 30’s :0

My personal opinion 

I believe that Alexander the Great was one of the greatest parts of the GIANT history of Greece and i believe that he was very smart not only in strategy but genuantly a smart man cause he had one of the greatest teachers in history, philosopher Aristotle.

High Jump


High jump is a great Olympic Athletic sport were the athlete has to jump up to a certain height by jumping. It is a very interesting sport that started in ancient Greece and still goes on until today!

World Record

The record at high jump that was made in 1993 by Javier Sotomayor was 2.45m! :O

A bit more info

High Jump need A LOT of skill and power to do it due to the fact that you need to jump a certain height and especially for professionals that jump over their own height most of the time.

You also need to be:

  • tall (only to be easier to jump a height in comparison with your own height).
  • pliable
  • strong on your legs

My personal opinion

My personal opinion on High Jump is that it is an interesting sport to watch. I tried it ones at my track practice and let me say that it isn’t at all easy as it looks.



My holiday adventure

One day me and my family were going to the beach to relax after a hard week. We packed our stuff and were ready to go.

While we were on the road everything was going a usual. I was arguing with my brother and our parents were ignoring us to not get ride of the joy of the beach holiday.

We were on the road and suddenly we heard something popping, it was our rear left tire. We were in the middle of the road with no signal on our phones, no one to help and a popped tire. So we thought of walking until we can find help. We ended up finding an abandoned gas station ⛽, we thought that it might have a tire somewhere so we looked for 20 minutes and we saw one but with one problem… IT WAS IN A HOLE LEADING TO A CAVE!!!

We thought things couldn’t get worst but things DID get worst. It got dark 🌑 and we were in an abandoned gas station with a tire inside of a hole leading to a cave! Because we weren’t dumb we didn’t go in the hole to get the tire and just waited at the car for help.

In the end a police officer found us and helped us.



“My holiday Adventure”

I was on a holiday in Australia🇦🇺. It was an interesting  day and we went on a mountain to see a cave🤓… I put my rucksack on and I was ready to go🤗. My mum drove me to the mountain with my friends! I was the only one with a torch .We said goodbye to my mum and we left. After five minutes we entered the cave. We were so excited about that adventure.

We had been in the cave for 40 minutes🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️… Suddenly,  I found out that my torch was flashing 😰.  After  two minutes my torch turned off 🕜. Me and my friends couldn’t see anything😓. There wasn’t any internet and we couldn’t call my mum to come and save us⚠️! After two hours  had passed  my mum came and found us🙃..

So after that I will always remember to put batteries in my torch :D! That was the end of “MY HOLIDAY ADVENTURE”.
I hope you like it ☺️!💜


After-school activities (by Maria Elena)

Hi!!! I am Maria Elena and today I’m gonna talk to you about my after school activities. On Mondays at 4:00-6:00 I go to my ballet lesson. I like ballet ’cause I dance very well. On Tuesdays at 3:15-4:15 I go to my English lesson. At English I’m good at them but I think they are a bit difficult. On Wednesdays at 3:00-4:00 I play the piano. I like the  piano as it’s an easy instrument but some people think it is difficult to play the piano.

Long Jump


Long jump is a great and interesting Olympic Sport. It needs the athlete to jump as far as they can, the athlete that jumps farther is the winner 🏆.


The worlds record for men is made by Mike Powell jumping a distance of 8,95m!


I myself do long jump and officially I am the best in Nicosia (2021) of my age at long jump. I managed to jump 4,99m it was very hard but i need to try and do more for my games from everywhere in Cyprus at the 5th of June. Wish me luck 🤞!








Subnautica is a first person survival video game. You are in a some kind of high tech raft and you are trying to survive by gathering materials and food from the ocean. It is very beautiful and has good graphics and from popular reviews it has 4.5 stars. It is available on Ps4 (free) and on pc (free) and also Xbox one and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for €25. It is a good game and personally one of my favourites. Unfortunately though it does not contain a multiplayer feature, but it would be extremely fun to play with your friends.

Reasons why I am trying to win

From close to the start of the school year this site was open for the public. Our teachers told us that the first three students with the most points win something but most of the students know that the first place wins a phone. Since I got in the site I started getting a lot of points since I do not have a phone and I need one.

One time a teacher (Miss Georgia) told me to go a bit slower so students can catch up but I said no cause I really want that phone.

Even if the phone isn’t that good I would still have no problem cause I mostly want the first place rather than the phone 😄.

The reason I have so many points more than the student in second place is cause every day i lot in (+50 points) then I get in the website (+100 points) and I like three posts (20 points each like) I already got 210 points without even posting something.

I hope that I will stay in first place and the best of luck to everyone 🙌


So in Christmas for a present me and my family got one present. The Gopro Hero 9 Black. First we tested it out and learned it a bit and made awesome videos and it gave my brother an idea. ”We should post these videos on Youtube” and we though that it was a great idea. So we made the channel and started posting videos that take hours to make and edit. People watch our videos but only the 40% that watch our videos are Subscribed. So i want to ask a favour please subscribe to channel i will put the link here:

New Years wishes

At new years i wish that 2021 will be good and much better than 2020. I hope that the virus will fade away from the Vaccine and also to have fun and be able to see my friends.

My Christmas List

For christmas i want the new Spider Man Miles Morales for Playstation. The graphics are awesome and the story too. Its about a guy named Miles Morales who got bit by a weird spider and got superpowers. His dad tought him to always be good so he used his powers to save people. He is also a good friend of the acctual spider man. The game is 60 euros and is for the ps4 and the all new ps5. This is what i want for christmas.