Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams is an actor😊.She was born in the UK in 1997. Maisie is famous for playing Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. She’s is followed by 8 million people on Instagram. Her name is Margaret William but they call her Maisie🙃


Hi I am Theodora and i love dancing💜. When I Dance I feel Like flying in the sky🌟. I am so happy that i can go and enjoy my ballet lesson every Monday and Wednesday☺️ When we have a show i feel that my legs are shaking, but after when i start dancing everything is just awesome 😌.. Thanks for reading my blog hope you like it😇 Stay Cool And Safe !😁 Bye !!!!😀

Things i hate

  1. I hate it when people ask me a questions like: ”I just got a new phone case!” ”Nice, for your phone?”
  2. When my brother steals my food even though he has a lot of food on his plate
  3. While i am watching a movie at the most important time an ad pops up
  4. ads
  5. false advertising
  6. Hot water in the summer
  7. Leaving a friends house

Those are a few things i hate, i hope i am not the only one that can relate cause that would be kind of imbaressing 😂

Anyways have a great day!!!

Adventure Time

What is Adventure Time?

Adventure Time is a great family friendly cartoon where there is a lot of adventure and comedy. The two main heroes are Finn the human and Jake the dog. It is until now the longest running show of Cartoon Network if you count the new exclusive episodes that released this year. If you count it, it has been running since 2010-2021 if you do not count it that its from 2010-2018.

Finn the Human

Finn is the only human in the ”land of ooo” and saves the day with his sword and fighting skills. He is also afraid of the ocean and loves playing video games.

Jake the Dog

Jake is Finns best friend and is always by his side. He has magic powers that allow him to extend his body as long as he wants, he also has the ability to talk and is very brave.

Personal opinion

I believe that it is a very good show but in the later seasons it got out of hand and was just too much.

Total Drama Island

What was Total Drama Island?

Total drama island was a great cartoon based on reality television. It was made in 2007 and ended in 2014. People loved the Adventure, Comedy, art style. There where two teams of 11 people ”The Killer Bass” and ”The screaming Gophers”. Every week they needed to win a challenge or else they have to kick someone off of the team. The last contestant would win $100 000.


The host of the show Chris McLean was ery evil and cared A LOT about his look (mostly for his hair). He didn’t care about nothing less than the views of the show.


Chef was the chef of the show and the best friend/helper of Chris McLean. He made gross food even though he could make 5 star reviewed food.

Personal Opinion

I believe that it is great and that YOU should try and give it a go. After the success of TD Island they made TD Action, Total Dramarama, TD world tour, TD The revenge of the island. The only good ones in my opinion are TD Island and a bit of Total Drama Action. The rest can just leave.

Ed Edd ‘n Eddy

What is Ed Edd ‘n Eddy?

Ed Edd ‘n Eddy is a pretty old cartoon that was about three friends Ed, Eddy. They try to make money to buy ”jawbreakers” because at there neighbourhood a jawbreaker was like having 1000000 euros, because they didn’t have money they always tried to scam the other kids into giving them 25 cents.


Ed was the stupid one in the gang but also the strongest one and was always treated like a slave by Eddy. He also has a smaller sister Sarah.


Eddy was always the mastermind on the ideas to scam the other kids but still not the smartest.


Edd or how the other kids call him ”double d” was the smartest one in the gang but was always scared of what the parents would do if one of the other kids told on them for there scams. He also is hiding a big secret in the series, a secret for the viewers. We never got to see what is under his hat.

Do i recommend?

Yes, I recommend this show if you like comedy and old art style cartoons, if you prefer the new kind of art style in cartoons i recommend you to not see this series because it was made in 1999 and ended in 2008. It was the longest running show on Cartoon Network! You can find this series on HBO MAX.

Regular Show

What is ”Regular Show

Regular show is a family friendly cartoon that thrived the Cartoon Network world. It was made in 2009 and is about two friends, Mordecai (character based from the bird blue jay) and Rigby (character based from a racoon). They work together in a park and are always in crazy adventures or playing video games.


  1. Benson (gumball machine)
  2. Mordecai (blue jay)
  3. Rigby (racoon)
  4. Pops (human with a giant head and son of the owner of ”The Park”
  5. Skips (Yeti)
  6. Hi-Five Ghost (ghost)
  7. Muscle Man (human with green skin for some reason) (NOT A ZOMIE)

More info

  • Skips is immortal
  • Mordecai and Rigby are 23 years old
  • Rigby sleeps on a trampoline and is very messy
  • Rigby has a smallest brother Don
  • Mordecai and Rigby have been friends from since they where babies
  • Hi-Five Ghost and Muscle Man are pro-pranksters and best friends
  • Benson is the boss and always calls Mordecai and Rigby sluckers
  • The series has 8 seasons (261 epidodes) and one movie
  • In the later series a new member joins the gang Thomas (goat)

My believes about the summer of 2021

What i think will happen this summer

  • Covid will be close to its end
  • Something really bad will happen to the world
  • Summer will end quick

What i want to do this summer

  • Have fun
  • See my friends
  • Go to the beach
  • Go camping
  • Go to my grandparents house in Paphos

What i hope will NOT happen this summer

  • Another lockdown due to covid
  • Not have fun
  • Stop seeing the friends i will not see due to going to different schools


What is Netflix

Netflix is an app/site where you can watch multiple movies/series, LEGALLY!! It is used by millions of people and due to the pandemic and the quarantine becoming live globally Netflix became 10x more famous and 1000x richer.

Is it free?

Unfortunetally it is not free and you have to pay €30 a month but gives you the first month completely free!

Is it good?

Well due to Netflix ratings (4.3 out of 5) (ratings from the Google Play store) it is considered very good. And also from personal expirience i believe it is great.

Is it worth the money?

For my opinion it is worth it cause it also has multiple movies of any type you might want.



Alexander The Great

Date of birth/death

He was born in 20 or 21 of July, 356BC in Pella, Macedonia and died in 10 or 11 of June 323BC (32 years old) with nobody sure with the cause of his death. Some say poisoning, some say mureder and many other reasons.

The power he held

  • Had the whole known then world part of his giant empire
  • Fought by the side of his army in 4 wars
  • Did not lose a war for 15 whole years
  • Tamed a horse that anyone else who tried to tame it failed (Bucephalus)

He did all this in his early 30’s :0

My personal opinion 

I believe that Alexander the Great was one of the greatest parts of the GIANT history of Greece and i believe that he was very smart not only in strategy but genuantly a smart man cause he had one of the greatest teachers in history, philosopher Aristotle.

High Jump


High jump is a great Olympic Athletic sport were the athlete has to jump up to a certain height by jumping. It is a very interesting sport that started in ancient Greece and still goes on until today!

World Record

The record at high jump that was made in 1993 by Javier Sotomayor was 2.45m! :O

A bit more info

High Jump need A LOT of skill and power to do it due to the fact that you need to jump a certain height and especially for professionals that jump over their own height most of the time.

You also need to be:

  • tall (only to be easier to jump a height in comparison with your own height).
  • pliable
  • strong on your legs

My personal opinion

My personal opinion on High Jump is that it is an interesting sport to watch. I tried it ones at my track practice and let me say that it isn’t at all easy as it looks.



My holiday adventure

One day me and my family were going to the beach to relax after a hard week. We packed our stuff and were ready to go.

While we were on the road everything was going a usual. I was arguing with my brother and our parents were ignoring us to not get ride of the joy of the beach holiday.

We were on the road and suddenly we heard something popping, it was our rear left tire. We were in the middle of the road with no signal on our phones, no one to help and a popped tire. So we thought of walking until we can find help. We ended up finding an abandoned gas station ⛽, we thought that it might have a tire somewhere so we looked for 20 minutes and we saw one but with one problem… IT WAS IN A HOLE LEADING TO A CAVE!!!

We thought things couldn’t get worst but things DID get worst. It got dark 🌑 and we were in an abandoned gas station with a tire inside of a hole leading to a cave! Because we weren’t dumb we didn’t go in the hole to get the tire and just waited at the car for help.

In the end a police officer found us and helped us.



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