Alexander The Great


Date of birth/death

He was born in 20 or 21 of July, 356BC in Pella, Macedonia and died in 10 or 11 of June 323BC (32 years old) with nobody sure with the cause of his death. Some say poisoning, some say mureder and many other reasons.

The power he held

  • Had the whole known then world part of his giant empire
  • Fought by the side of his army in 4 wars
  • Did not lose a war for 15 whole years
  • Tamed a horse that anyone else who tried to tame it failed (Bucephalus)

He did all this in his early 30’s :0

My personal opinion 

I believe that Alexander the Great was one of the greatest parts of the GIANT history of Greece and i believe that he was very smart not only in strategy but genuantly a smart man cause he had one of the greatest teachers in history, philosopher Aristotle.

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