My favourite animal🐒🍌🍌🐵🍌🍌❣

Monkeys are brown.🐵

They are wild animals.🦧

Monkeys have got a small head and a big body.

They have got a long tail.🐒

Monkeys have got two legs and two hands.🐒

They have got two small legs and ears, too.🐵

I like monkeys❣

🙈  🙉  🙊



Shapes-Elena Myrianthefs

My super frog

Are frogs always green? No!

This is a colourful  frog with

blue eyes from Equatorial Africa!

How cute






My super ⚽️❣

This is my superball!⚽️

It’s a plastic ball.

It’s a hard and big toy.

It’s red and blue.

It’s my favourite toy!

Merry Christmas🎄

Dear Santa,

My name is Nektarios and I’m seven years old! My house is at 1 Kolonakiou Street. This is my christmas list: A robot for me! A ball for my brother! A watch for my mum and one for my dad!



My school bag full of COLOURS!🌈

Hello, everyone! My name’s Nektarios.

My schoolbag is full of colours.Look!

My book is blue and my ruler is green.

This is my pencil case. It’s orange.

And what’s this? It’s my notebook.

It’s yellow!