Total Drama Island


What was Total Drama Island?

Total drama island was a great cartoon based on reality television. It was made in 2007 and ended in 2014. People loved the Adventure, Comedy, art style. There where two teams of 11 people ”The Killer Bass” and ”The screaming Gophers”. Every week they needed to win a challenge or else they have to kick someone off of the team. The last contestant would win $100 000.


The host of the show Chris McLean was ery evil and cared A LOT about his look (mostly for his hair). He didn’t care about nothing less than the views of the show.


Chef was the chef of the show and the best friend/helper of Chris McLean. He made gross food even though he could make 5 star reviewed food.

Personal Opinion

I believe that it is great and that YOU should try and give it a go. After the success of TD Island they made TD Action, Total Dramarama, TD world tour, TD The revenge of the island. The only good ones in my opinion are TD Island and a bit of Total Drama Action. The rest can just leave.

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