My 3 day camping


One time i went to Stauros ths Psokas and i stayed there for 3 days with my dad my brother my brothers friend and his dad. Me my dad and my brother stayed in our tent while my brothers friend and his dad where in there own tent. My brothers friend and his dad came one day after us because they had something planned.

Day one

After a 5 hour drive we finally came but it was at the afternoon. We set up the tents and relaxed. At night we where going to eat burgers but the meat was expired so we ate beans from cans. After we ate we went to sleep and it was very nice.

Day two

The second day my brothers friend and it was very nice. First we went for exploring and we found an abounded bat shelter with broken doors,windows even holes in the walls. In the evening we at fish. It was so much we weren’t hungry for dinner. In the night when we went to sleep it was again very nice.

Day three

In the morning we went to see the moufflons but most of them were sleeping or just walking around. For morning we ate halloumi pie. After the morning we packed up our things and left.

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