An e-mail for Jane


Dear Jane,

Everyone uses a smartphone and other devices to spend time on them. But sometimes you have to use it with a limit because  you’ll become sick and weak. Some people are using it more than 1 hour and that’s bad for your health! Actually many people are using it before bed but, using it before bed it will wake up your brain, your eyes can hurt too, and then you can’t sleep! So I prefer, you to turn off your device an hour before you go to sleep or stop using it more than limit.

Lots of people get some spots on their faces for many reasons. To fix that problem ask your doctor to give you a cream to put on your face or just stop using a gadget all the time.

You better be careful next time because you have to stay healthy and strong!

Best wishes, Maria Elena K.

Did you like it? Thank you if you do!!! Remember to stay safe and healthy!😊😊😊

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