Welcome to tikac.space!

Hi, everyone! I’m Mr Mike and I will be your host for you to learn how to navigate and use Glossomatheia space for this season. I hope you enjoy using Space as much as I enjoyed designing and implementing it!

I just want to let you know that I am here to help you in your learning journey and would love to connect with you. Please understand that I am an educator just like you and have designed this application keeping my students and my school in mind. If you have any suggestions for changes or for addons I am always open to your recommendations.

I truly believe in flipping my classroom and my lessons so I have built a self-study guide to using Space as a student and or parent and have added some more lessons just for teachers and administrators. I suggest going on to My Courses and Enrolling on this self-study course. Every time you finish a lesson click complete.

Keep any questions you have for your training day and hopefully, all will be answered then!

If need be you can find me on Facebook or on Twitter where you are welcome to ask any questions there too!

See you soon!ing

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