My favorite game

My favorite game is fortnite.I spend very much time playing with my friends.Sometimes we don’t press start and show to our new skins.In fortnite it have cool items like cars,Spider-Man web shooters and guns.
Write down below your favorite video game


Subnautica is a first person survival video game. You are in a some kind of high tech raft and you are trying to survive by gathering materials and food from the ocean. It is very beautiful and has good graphics and from popular reviews it has 4.5 stars. It is available on Ps4 (free) and on pc (free) and also Xbox one and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for €25. It is a good game and personally one of my favourites. Unfortunately though it does not contain a multiplayer feature, but it would be extremely fun to play with your friends.

My favourite Video game

My favourite video game is called Rocket League. It is a free to play game for all ages. In the game you are a car with a with a rocket booster and you play soccer. You can play with friends or if you want to play alone you can still do that. There are a lot of game modes like:

  • 1 Vs 1 where you play alone against another player.
  • 2 Vs 2 where you play with your friend against another team of 2 people.
  • 3 Vs 3 is my personal favourite beacause you play with two of your friends against 3 other players. It is my favourite because its the perfect amount of players
  • 4 Vs 4 its fun but I think that there are a bit to many people.

There are also modded game modes where in a 2 Vs 2 or 1 Vs 1 its Basketball. In the Basketball game mode you try to throw the ball in the hoop but its much harder but the stadium is much smaller than the soccer stadium. There is also a modded game mode where you get differend types of power-ups every 10 seconds but the only way to play it is in a 3 Vs in my opinion I think it’s the best video game.

You can play this game on X box, Ps4 and pc.