My postcard by VasilikiG2

Dear Mrs Georgia ,

I’m in Greece with my parents and my sister. I am so excited because tomorrow we will walk until Erechthio.😍It’s a long road!

We live in a hotel with six rooms. It’s amazing this hotel!!😋From our window we can see the beach🤗!!

Today we go to the beach with our  friend 😍✌!!And tomorrow,as i  say to you before we will walk to Erechthio😄.

Love, Vasiliki-Lydia Papadopoulou

My family…

I have two sisters, Corina and Olivia. I usually play with them. My mom is Emilia and we spend a lot of time together. My mom and I cook and talk. My dad is Alexandros but we don’t spend that much time together.




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