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My best friend

My best friend is called Demetres. We have been friends for 5 years now. We always play together with other friends on the Ps4. We always see each other in school and usually on the weekends. He also has a little brother which is 9 years old.

Demetre is a bit short. He has brown eyes and loves video games. When we play on the Ps4 we play Fortnite, Minecraft, Rocket League.





My best friend’s name is Marianthi. She’s 10 years old . Her hair is dark brown. She’s very kind and lots of fun. Her favorite color is black. Every Monday and Thursday we go to English together. Marianthi has a pet dog. Her name is Lily, she’s very funny. She also has a brother,  his name is Vasili. He’s my brother’s best friend. We love swimming at their house. Every  break at school we play together. We’re in the same class at school. I love her.