My pet is a cat. We found him when he was very small in a field when he was crying for him mom but after a phew hours he was still crying so my mother picked him up and brought him to our house where we gave him food and water he was very hungry and thirsty.

Now he is 8 years old and very happy. He is never hungry or thristy because he always has food and water whenever he wants. Sometimes we take him to a very good vet whenever he looks sick. Because our house is in a field usually he plays in the field.

He hates other cats but its because he thinks he is the owner of the field. He likes to play but he loves sleeping. Kousko sleeps for about 10 a day in the summer but wakes up at night because its cooler outside. But in winter he goes out in the morning because in the night its very cold.

He is white in the part of the stomach until his chin and legs and at his back he is black until the tail and his mouth. He has green eyes. And a fluffy tail.