One day me and my family were going to the beach to relax after a hard week. We packed our stuff and were ready to go.

While we were on the road everything was going a usual. I was arguing with my brother and our parents were ignoring us to not get ride of the joy of the beach holiday.

We were on the road and suddenly we heard something popping, it was our rear left tire. We were in the middle of the road with no signal on our phones, no one to help and a popped tire. So we thought of walking until we can find help. We ended up finding an abandoned gas station ⛽, we thought that it might have a tire somewhere so we looked for 20 minutes and we saw one but with one problem… IT WAS IN A HOLE LEADING TO A CAVE!!!

We thought things couldn’t get worst but things DID get worst. It got dark 🌑 and we were in an abandoned gas station with a tire inside of a hole leading to a cave! Because we weren’t dumb we didn’t go in the hole to get the tire and just waited at the car for help.

In the end a police officer found us and helped us.