Minecraft is an awesome game to play. You can play it on almost any platform (Ps4, Ps3, Pc, Xbox ,Nintendo, Mobile and a lot more). It has more than 200 milion copies by 2020. It was published in 2009 and is still growing strong.

It is not free it is less than €30 to download on PlayStation and on a disc for PlayStation it is less than €50. On Pc you can get it for €15. On mobile it is €8.

You can play with your friends online or competitive with strangers. It has two gamemodes

1) Survival it is a nice gamemode were you play and you can die and need to gather your resources to build and need to survive. There are also Hostile Mobs they are mobs that can cause you damage and potentially kill you.

2) Creative in creative you give more emphasis to your creativity and you can build with out needing to gather your resources on your own except you can find any material you want with a single click.

Minecraft was developed by Mojang who is now owned by Microsoft.

On my opinion Minecraft is a GREAT game for playing alone or with your friends. I have got Minecraft from 2015 and i will never get bored playing it.

I give it a 10/10 for sure.






My favourite mobile game

My favourite game is a free to play mobile game for ages over 6. The game is called Among Us. It’s a game where there are is an impostor and the rest are crewmates in a spaceship.

*There is no blood content in the game*

How does the impostor win?

  • He wins by killing all the crewmates
  • Sabotaging the ship

The impostor is not supposed to get caught so if you are the impostor try to hide that you are the impostor.

How do the crewmates win?

  • Finishing all there tasks
  • Voting out the impostor

If a crewmate finds a dead body he reports the body and then they try to find who the impostor is. Everyone votes someone and if a lot of people vote the same person the person gets kicked out of the ship. If it is not the impostor then the game continues but if its the impostor the crewmates win.

What is special about being the impostor?

  • You can hide in a vent
  • You can kill other players

What is special about being a crewmate?

  • You do tasks

This game has become very famous getting over 100 000-500 000 users per hour!

The game has been made in early 2018 but it only got 10-15 users per hour.


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