Reasons why I am trying to win


From close to the start of the school year this site was open for the public. Our teachers told us that the first three students with the most points win something but most of the students know that the first place wins a phone. Since I got in the site I started getting a lot of points since I do not have a phone and I need one.

One time a teacher (Miss Georgia) told me to go a bit slower so students can catch up but I said no cause I really want that phone.

Even if the phone isn’t that good I would still have no problem cause I mostly want the first place rather than the phone 😄.

The reason I have so many points more than the student in second place is cause every day i lot in (+50 points) then I get in the website (+100 points) and I like three posts (20 points each like) I already got 210 points without even posting something.

I hope that I will stay in first place and the best of luck to everyone 🙌

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